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Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance

  • All Tuition Assistance required documentation must be received by FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment. Verification of your FACTS Grant and Aid application can take up to two weeks.
  • The Tuition Assistance Committee will award tuition assistance starting in January 2017.
Required Documentation for Tuition Assistance
Provide to FACTS online:
  • A completed and processed FACTS application - Click here
  • Copies of the family’s 2016 tax documents (required after April 15, 2017) and 2016 W-2s as outlined on the FACTS Grand and Aid Assessment website
Eligibility for Tuition Assistance Awards
  • Tuition Assistance is awarded based on recommendations provided to the school by FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment and can range from 5%-50%. All awards are subject to availability of funds.
  • Students must exhibit satisfactory conduct. Early Childhood and Lower School students must average a Satisfactory conduct grade. Middle and Upper School students must be in good behavioral standing with First Baptist Academy.
Tuition Assistance Decisions
The Tuition Assistance Committee will award financial aid beginning in early January 2017. A letter will be sent to advise applicants about the decisions of the Tuition Assistance Committee within a week of the decision. Any requests received after the deadline will be reviewed at the next available Tuition Assistance Committee meeting. These meetings are held once a month unless a need arises for more frequent meetings.

If you have any questions, please call the Business Office at 214-969-7845.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who can apply?
Families who have students entering PK through 12th grade are eligible to apply. It is very important that your FBA accounts be in good financial standing before your application will be considered.

How is tuition assistance determined?
FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment will notify First Baptist Academy when submitted applications have been “verified” and will make a general recommendation about a family’s ability to pay. Based on this recommendation and available tuition assistance funds, the FBA Tuition Assistance Committee will make a determination of tuition assistance to be awarded. The Business Office will then notify the family of this award.

If we are divorced or separated, do both parents need to apply for tuition assistance?
If both parents will be financially responsible for the student’s tuition, both parents must submit the appropriate financial applications and tax information.

Is tuition assistance automatically renewed?
No. It is necessary to re-apply every year, and awards may be adjusted if family financial circumstances change significantly.

Can I complete my online Enrollment Application/Financial Obligation Contract before any available tuition assistance is awarded?
No. If you require tuition assistance and complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, you will need to wait until the Tuition Assistance Committee has determined any award before completing the Financial Obligation Contract.